Yachting Revolutionised

Our range of luxury solar powered catamarans

battery charging

High Technology

Lithium batteries and high efficiency induction motors

leather 2

Quality Materials

Teak, leather and high grade stainless steel


Advanced Construction

Reinforced carbon epoxy composite/foam sandwich

emissions 2

Zero Emissions

Sustainable yachting - fit for the 21st Century


Silent Cruising

Ultimate tranquility - a brand new cruising experience


Unlimited Range

Live off the grid - wherever you desire

Our Yachts

SW 46 Proof of concept thumbnail

Solarwave 46

LOA: 14 m
Beam: 7.5 m
Cruising Speed: 5 - 6 kn
Top Speed: 8 kn
Production: 2009

Silent 54 thumbnail

Silent 55

LOA: 16.13 m
Beam: 8.46 m
Cruising Speed: 6 - 16 kn
Top Speed: 10 - 22 kn
Production: 2016 -

Solarwave 64 Thumbnail

Solarwave 64

LOA: 19.43 m
Beam: 9.5 m
Cruising Speed: 7 - 15 kn
Top Speed: 10 - 20 kn
Production: 2016 -

Silent 72 - 07

Silent 7x

Beam: TBA
Cruising Speed: TBA
Top Speed: TBA
Production: TBA

Multiple Configurations



Pure solaryacht.

Independent from the wind, energy-efficient, easy to maintain, fast, reliable and noiseless. Powered by serial hybrid propulsion with 2 electric motors along with a diesel powered generator that acts as a range extender. The ultimate solar-electric cruiser.



Parallel hybrid.

Incorporating 2 powerful diesel engines as well as 2 electric motors. The two propulsion systems can be used in unison or separately. This gives the option of unlimited range at lower speeds using the e-drive or high speeds using the diesel engines.



Harness the power of the wind.

Speeds exceeding 10 knots can be achieved and the batteries can be recharged under sail. The rig can be combined with the serial hybrid of the Cruiser as well as the powerful diesel engines of the Power version.
The choice is yours!




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