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Kite sail system premiere video

Electric catamaran with solar panels on the roof and a kyte system

The first video of our SLENT 60 equipped with the kite sail system is now online!

When testing the 9m² kite at wind angles of up to 40 degrees, with the engines turned off and no propellers turning, the SILENT 60 effortlessly reached speeds between 4 and 5 knots.

Under the same conditions, when switching on the electric motors to draw just 1kW each to reduce drag from the propellers and improve the flow of water over the rudders for better steering, speeds could be increased to almost 7 knots.

A big advantage of a kite compared to a conventional sail is that the kite flies at much higher altitudes where winds are far stronger. 

In addition, there is no need of a tall and heavy mast with a complex rigging system. The kite including its electrical winch as well as its short and collapsible mast can be easily stored in a dedicated locker under a hatch on the foredeck for whenever it is not in use.


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