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SILENT 60 Front Exit Version Launch

We are excited to update you on the launch of another yacht!

Recently, our shipyard in Thailand launched the first SILENT 60 Front Exit Version.

The previous SILENT 60s were “Front Master” Versions, with the master cabin located in the forward lower deck.

In comparison, the “Front Exit” Version provides direct access to the foredeck via a forward doorway in the main salon, which is now equipped with an open-air lounge space offering enough room for up to 6 people.

The additional exit in the front not only provides guests on board with more flexibility to move around on deck, it also improves the circulation of air flow through the boat.

When the forward doorway is left open together with the salon doors in the aft, it enhances the natural ventilation by creating a pleasant breeze throughout the interior.


Furthermore, from now onwards, all SILENT 60s will feature a raised main deck and a flush salon that increases the ceiling heights on the lower deck, as well as the storage space under the cockpit.


In terms of the propulsion system, she is fitted with twin 250 kW electric motors and a 150 kW generator. A Lithium-ion battery bank with a capacity of 225 kWh functions as energy storage.


The interior has a 4 cabin configuration kept in warm, bright and welcoming color tones. Above you can see the spacious master cabin on display.