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Ex-Tesla Director Jochen Rudat Joins Us

It has always been our vision to establish a new era of sustainable yachting by creating the most innovative and self-sufficient yachts.

In order to keep transforming this bold vision into reality, we are always open towards right guidance and experience in order to drive us forward. Luckily, it is exactly this bold vision which attracts like-minded pioneers who do not fear challenging the status quo.  Jochen Rudat is one of those pioneers. Hired directly by none other than Elon Musk in order to ignite the Tesla revolution from scratch certainly was always going to be a massive challenge from the get-go. One, which in retrospective, Jochen mastered with excellence. During a decade with Tesla, he was responsible for building up the brand in Europe. Under his leadership, Tesla did not only develop from a complete startup to the technological powerhouse it is today, it has additionally become the most valuable automotive company in the world. Furthermore, according to Consumer Reports (CR), the brand also boasts the highest customer satisfaction rate of the entire automotive industry. An essential specific which SILENT-YACHTS is certainly striving for as well. Until Jochen´s departure in 2019, he had contributed to the development of a network consisting of more than 100 Tesla stores across Europe. His expertise in the area of electromobility, innovation and strategy are unparalleled assets for every organization focusing on nextgen technology and sustainability.