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World-Class Reinforcement: Michael Jost

Michael Jost

We are receiving more top-class reinforcement from leading e-mobility pioneers of the automotive industry. Michael Jost, none other than Head of Group Strategy Product of the Volkswagen Group and CSO of the Volkswagen Brand, will be joining the advisory board of Silent Yachts.

As the driving force behind the electrification of the Volkswagen brand, he was responsible for successfully leading the transformation of the entire group towards a sustainable and digital future. At Silent Yacht, Michael will be contributing his unapparelled expertise towards the development of smart boats, overall brand strategy as well as the crucial aspect of digitalization.

Furthermore, we are excited to reveal that Silent Yacht has established a joint venture in collaboration with Michael Jost, which will be settling in one of Croatia´s most exclusive Marinas in 2022. This project will aim to strengthen the presence of our brand in the beautiful Adriatic´s.