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What are the benefits of solar electric yachting?

Benefits of solar electric yachting? The electric revolution has undisputedly arrived on the waters. Shipyards from all around the world are starting to develop vessels which make use of electric motors and source their energy from the sun. In an effort towards sustainability, this approach to yachting has been gaining in significance year by year. However, being eco-friendly is only one of many aspects driving customers towards such models. In comparison to regular motor yachts or sailing boats, catamarans which make use of solar power offer significant advantages, both in terms of ownership as well in terms of comfort.




The experience on board of solar powered catamarans is characterized by a sense of tranquility. Due to the absence of noise, fumes and vibrations usually found on board of conventionally powered yachts, the resulting silence is very comparable to the one found when driving electric cars. This helps to easily connect to the beauty of the surrounding nature and creates beautiful experiences to share with your loved ones.



Both, conventional ICE engines and sailing rigs require high levels of maintenance to be kept in shape. Electric drivetrains on the other hand, due to the lack of moving parts, are virtually free of maintenance. As a result, this simplifies life on board and reduces the overall cost of ownership.



An additional factor in favour of solar electric catamarans is that they can be recharged by the sun for free. Motor yachts are fully dependent on regularly visiting gas stations to fill up their empty tanks. Sailing yachts also need to fill up their tanks from time to time as they rely on diesel generators to power the household and navigational appliances on board. With a solar electric drivetrain you can enjoy your time at your favourite bay while simultaneously seeing your personal energy levels and those of your yacht increase.