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New Silent Drivetrain

Our latest Silent 62 launches are equipped with the next generation of what was already the most advanced and reliable solar-electric drivetrain available on the market. In this chapter we will introduce you to the upgrades and advantages.

The fundamental basics of our Silent Drivetrain date back to the Solarwave 46 prototype in 2009. Ever since then, our team has been making consistent changes towards the system to further improve performance and efficiency. Our latest generation Silent Drivetrain makes significant changes towards the core components in order to bring it to the next level, while maintaining the high levels of safety already provided by previous Silent Drivetrains.

Firstly, by implementing the latest liquid cooled batteries, our yachts can benefit from faster charging rates with optimized thermal management for the cells. With over 3.500 recharge cycles, these batteries also have a longer lifespan than their predecessors. Closed circuit liquid cooling means that the cooling process is now completely quiet, leading to an even more silent experience while cruising. The overall higher energy density of these batteries means more energy can be stored in smaller amounts of space with less weight. A watertight IP65 rating and a self-contained monitoring and extinguishing system ensure highest levels of safety on board.

Furthermore, with around 96%, the new electric motors offer the highest efficiency rating throughout operational range currently available on the market. This is a result of making use of the latest Synchronous Reluctance assisted

Permanent Magnet (SRPM) technology. Their extremely compact and robust structure is protected by a an IP65 enclosure to maximize reliability. As the components are produced in Europe, they are manufactured according to the highest quality standards.

The final component of the new Silent Drivetrain are the upgraded propellors. While the previous drivetrain made use of a bronze propellor, the new system is equipped with a high tech carbon propellor. They are not only lighter in comparison to their counterparts made from bronze, but additionally further improve the efficiency. Due to their special shape, which is similar to submarine propellors, they are also even more quiet and create no vibrations while turning.

All in all, these key changes to the new Silent Drivetrain further improve its efficiency, resulting in more range and higher top speeds.