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What is the range of a solar electric yacht?

The range of our solar electric yachts depends on several factors, such as the weather conditions and travelling speeds. Based on the technology alone, our SILENT catamarans virtually have unlimited range. When cruising at 2-3 knots during sunny conditions, there is a equilibrium between the energy produced by the panels and consumed by the yacht for household as well as propulsion purposes. This way, SILENT electric yachts could basically cruise forever. As such, the main benefit of an electric yacht which is solar powered is that you can continue to cruise even when the sun is not shining by using the energy stored in the battery banks.

When speaking about average weather conditions, you can expect to cruise up to 100 nautical miles per day based on solar power alone the eco-cruising speeds mentioned previously. Of course, you can additionally make use of the range extender on board of our solar yachts, which recharges the battery banks with the help of an efficient generator. It then enables you to travel even more miles at higher speeds.

Hereby our electric catamarans can sustain cruising speeds between 6 to 8 knots, depending on your travel distance and preference.

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